10 Questions and Answers about Mother Hamster and Her Babies

By | February 15, 2023
  1. How long are hamsters pregnant for? Mother hamsters are pregnant for about 16-18 days.
  2. How many babies can a hamster have? A hamster can have up to 12 babies in a litter, but the average litter size is 6-8.
  3. When do hamster babies open their eyes? Hamster babies typically open their eyes at around 2 weeks of age.
  4. How often should I check on a mother hamster and her babies? You should check on a mother hamster and her babies once a day to ensure they are healthy and safe.
  5. Can I touch the hamster babies? It’s best to avoid touching the hamster babies in the first week, as the mother may get stressed and abandon them.
  6. What should I feed a mother hamster? A mother hamster should be given a balanced diet of hamster food, fresh vegetables, and clean water.
  7. How long should a mother hamster nurse her babies? A mother hamster should nurse her babies for about 3-4 weeks, until they are fully weaned.
  8. When can I separate the baby hamsters from their mother? You should wait until the baby hamsters are at least 4 weeks old before separating them from their mother.
  9. How should I prepare a nesting box for a mother hamster? You can use a small cardboard box filled with shredded paper or bedding to create a comfortable nesting area for a mother hamster.
  10. What should I do if a mother hamster abandons her babies? If a mother hamster abandons her babies, you will need to provide round-the-clock care for them or find a foster mother hamster to nurse them.

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