How to fix the gdpr cookie message under Joomla 4?

By | February 5, 2023

To fix the GDPR cookie message under Joomla 4, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Joomla 4 administrator panel.
2. Navigate to the Extensions > Templates > Templates menu.
3. Find the template you are using and click on it to open the template options.
4. Look for a section labeled “Cookies” or “Privacy” and click on it.
5. Enable the GDPR cookie message by selecting “Yes” or similar.
6. Customize the message text, colors, and position to match your website design and preferences.
7. Save the changes.
8. Check your website to see if the GDPR cookie message is displaying correctly.

Note: The exact steps may vary depending on the Joomla template you are using. If your template does not have a built-in option for GDPR cookie message, you may need to install a third-party extension to add this feature.

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